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    Pacific Place - Amsterdam

    Urban real estate renewal has been a dynamic affair in downtown Amsterdam for decades. The squatting movement and its cultural innovation - and renovation - activities played an enormous part in keeping the city alive, attractive, unpredictable. The regulatory changes that recently transformed that scene have at the same time opened up new doors for artists and creatives to make their presence felt in the heart of Amsterdam.

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  2. The Clarendon Springs House, in Clarendon VT, once housed travelers who took the long dusty carriage ride to stay at the hotel and partake in the supposed healing springs located behind the building. The hotel was Vermont’s very first healing spa, which sparked a short-lived period of popularity for spas as major tourist destinations in the mid-to-late 19th century.  

  3. Crown Point, NY. 

  4. West Arlington, VT. 

  5. The beautiful Pell Pavilion, located on the Fort Ticonderoga grounds in Ticonderoga, NY. This photo was taken last fall when I visited the Pavilion several times with some of my grad school classmates in order to develop an adaptive reuse for the building. The Pavilion was originally used as an old summer home of the Pell family and later functioned as a prominent hotel, which helped serve the massive influx of tourists that came from far and wide to see the historic ruins of Fort Ti. Even America’s very own Rough Rider, Teddy Roosevelt, stayed at the Pavilion.